Mission Statement

To help meet the educational, medical and physical needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in rural Cambodia.


Our vision is for a Cambodia where all children, regardless of social status, have the opportunity to be educated. Where children can learn in a peaceful and healthy environment free of corruption and discrimination. Where ‘free education’ is truly free. Where children can acquire the necessary skills to enable them to lead meaningful lives and become contributing members of society. Where education becomes a right, not a privilege.



Our goal is to end the cycle of poverty by developing locally-run programs to improve the health and education of children in rural Cambodia. By working alongside community leaders and teachers we hope to create a unified support network to ensure that a solid foundation of learning is created. We aspire to work with local families to inform and demonstrate the benefits that an education can bring. It is our hope that we can begin to create a new mindset – that education is a necessity and an important tool to alleviating poverty.

Through ongoing support from donors and income generating projects, COSD hopes to establish long-term assistance and mentoring programs. This is how we endeavor to break the cycle of poverty once and for all.